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6th March 2007

Well what happened I hear you ask. Life is the simple answer. That thing that always but always sneaks up on you and scuppers all your plans. Never mind.

This is just a little note to let you know that I am back busy making some much needed corrections and changes/updates to the site.

The only thing I have done with this little update is to basically fix the guestbook code (I have not sorted the guestbook entries yet though - that's in the next update). The javascript fixes (I told you I there would be some mistakes - I didn't quite realise the extent, but it should not have hindered your viewing) will come in the next update.

So for now I thank you for still visiting even though there has been nothing new to see, and I hope to see you back soon(ish) for the update.


15th August 2006 - 1st Anniversary!!

Well here we are with an update (it's not much of one unfortunately), but as this is the first anniversary of the website it simply has to have some sort of update.. 

I have to say a big big thank you to all who have visited (over 1800), signed the guestbook, joined the mailing list or just sent emails of support. so....  THANK YOU!!

As you can/will see, there have been a number of subtle alterations to the layout, many many technical alterations behind the scenes, and some content added/altered. For further information on these and other changes please visit the the "Revising" section.

As for such a long period since the last update, I was busy!!. see the "Revising" section for more information ... I mean a pitiful excuse.

Ok, well as you all know (you don't? well you should!) "Watching" - Season/Series 1  was officially released on dvd on 27th February 2006!. If you missed this then visit the archive section (see below) for some direct links to online vendors. I will be doing a review at some point (hopefully before the 2nd anniversary).

With regards to the guestbook, I am aware of the connotations attached to the word "watching" these days, hence itís almost a magnet for operators of those types of sites and of course a way for them to surreptitiously advertise. I canít automatically stop them using the book as such, but will clear out entries as I see fit.

I can only apologise if anyone has been offended by some entries.

Finally, for now, as you can tell I have been a bit pushed to hit this deadline, and so I feel sure that there are/will be some mistakes/errors. If you find them then please tell me and I will attempt to correct.

So once again a big thank you, I will (as always) update at some point (hopefully with some new/better content). So until then ...(here comes the pun, get ready)... keep Watching!!


1st December 2005


Thanks to a couple of eagle eyed fans who have emailed me to tell me the following:

"Watching" - Season/Series 1 is scheduled for an official DVD release on 27th February 2006!!

Here are some direct links to 3 major online vendors:- (formerly Blackstar)

Not much in the way of details, but R2 format. The running time of 200mins (3hrs 20mins) would seem to indicate that the season 1 special "Seasoning" may also be included.

Price retails at £9.99gbp although it is being advertised for as little as £7.49gbp

Hopefully it will sell well and encourage Granada to issue the remaining seasons.

Many thanks to all of you who have visited the site and signed the guestbook.

As a last little mention I hope to have an update to the site published sometime in January 2006.

Regards, Colin


15th August 2005

Nice to meet you, to meet.... oops wrong show.

Well for most of us we are "Meeting" for the first time. Just like we did with Brenda and Malcolm that Sunday, 5th July 1987 at 10pm on ITV (only the one ITV channel back then - was it really that long ago?). Such an appropriate title for this section.

This site is long over due (in more ways than one), it is a hobby and I work on it as and when I can, so I ask that you be a little patient if part of the site that you want is not available or complete yet, or you could consider contributing.

I have finally, after a lot of work (well I was learning as I was going), decided that it's time for the LAUNCH and so here is what I have done so far. I'm going to keep working on the content but do not intend to publish an update for at least another month.

There is bound to be something wrong, some little area I've missed an apostrophe on or the javascript doesn't work or something. So give me some constructive FEEDBACK!!

To get in touch, perhaps to contribute, make suggestions or any other reason, then you can email by clicking on the copyright notice at the bottom of the menu. Or visit and sign our guestbook.

I suggest you take a look at the "Helping" section first. It has some very important information about the site in general and also how to get around.

The latest news about the site and additions etc. are listed on the "Announcing" page, Enjoy.

Regards, Colin