Contributing to the site

So you want to contribute huh? Ok then. We could do with some help. But what can you do. Well you tell us. Use the email link to contact us with your ideas.

Take a look at the "Planning" and "Requesting" sections and see if anything there takes your fancy. If it doesn't then no matter, you're not restricted to that list (it's not in any way complete), so think of something that you would like to do.

Whatever you want to do, however you want to help please be one thing., flexible and patient (ok that's 2 things). 

Get in touch before you do anything as someone else may be busy working on the same thing and we would not like you to waste time duplicating something. It may even be possible that you could share the task.

Please send any typed articles etc. in either plain text or an MS Office 2000 compatible format.
Any images/scans please send in as high a resolution as possible and preferably in .jpg/jpeg format.
If you have an idea for improvement to the site please try to be as specific as possible.

We reserve the right to alter/amend any article/piece received (contributors will still be acknowledged). We reserve the right to not publish a contribution. Webmaster's decision is final.


Here is a list of contributors. (numbers 1 and 2 are/were reserved). Many thanks to them all.
Number Name Email Home website link
1 Colin  
2 Jim Hall     
3 Peter Adriaanse   
The relevant text/article etc. will have the contributors number next to it in the manner: C1
Anything not specifically marked should be attributed to C1 (the webmaster - hey! that's me!).



* Extracts of text taken from the 1990 book of the first series. Written by Jim Hitchmough and published by Bantam.

Radio Times Guide to Comedy (2003 edition), Author Mark Lewisohn. Published by BBC Worldwide Ltd.
The Bush Theatre, Sheperds Bush, London , Nic Wass - Theatre administrator
Evening Chronicle, 1987 - 1993 , Newcastle Chronicle and Journal Limited
Newcastle Central Library, Local Studies Dept. microfiche archives
Granada Television Visual archive (managed by )



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