E-Mailing list

You want to be part of an emailing list? Well you've come to right section.

The mailing list is NOT (as yet) automated. It is done manually. This means the member details are manually maintained and any mails you send to the list are not automatically distributed. It's primary use (and only one at the moment) is to alert members (that's you that is - if you join) about "Watching" related stuff such as website updates etc.

To subscribe is easy. Send a Subscribe e-mail simply stating that you wish to be part of the list.

If you wish to unsubscribe, please send an Unsubscribe e-mail FROM THE ADDRESS YOU USED TO SUBSCRIBE.

The email links above will launch your email progam with a partly filled email, ready for you to send.
They should be used only for subscribing/unsubscribing to the mailing list

Please read the T&C below.

That's it for the moment. So let's hear from all you fans out there.

The following Terms & Condition will be applied to all email addresses :-
1) We reserve the right to refuse a request to join. We reserve the right to alter/amend content of any email received (contributors will still be acknowledged) or to not publish content.
2) The addresses on the list will not be revealed to anyone else.
3) Any mailings will be blind addressed so that other members will not be able to see your address.
4) We will only send information related to "Watching", this site and related sites (such as our sister site "EmmaWray.net")
5) We will not send unsolicited mail (spam) for other non related stuff, services or sites.
6) A request to unsubscribe will be actioned within a reasonable time period
7) Webmaster's decision is final.