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5th July 2007

!!20th Anniversary!!

20 years ago today at 10pm!!

That's when the first episode of this brilliant sitcom flew onto our TV screens.

Is it really that long ago? How time flies.

Ok ok enough of the puns. Right well apart from the obvious of the anniversary, there's nothing much to say at this moment really. Had hoped to have some sort of update but as there has been virtually no work done during June for various reasons, it is not really ready.

I have been working on the site before that and still have lot of work to do, and will be getting back to it in the next week or so. The update is coming, it's well underway and work will continue I promise.

I do need to say something about the guestbook. As you may know I fixed the guestbook code so that it was accessible again in the march update. However as you can't fail to have noticed, the guestbook is being spammed ferociously. Plans are/have been made with regards to a solution. I am reluctant to take the guestbook offline, so am checking it out and removing the spam entries periodically. I do apologise for the annoyance and inconvenience.

So for now I thank you for still visiting even though there has been nothing new to see, and I hope to see you back soon(ish) for the update.

Regards, Colin

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