Future plans/items/additions

This is a partial list of possible future items to be added to the site (the section title could have been "Listing" - so many variations for section titles) . There's no particular order to the list.

There are others, all  related to various aspects of the show. We are sure that you will have you own ideas as well. If you have and/or if you want to help with any of the items below (or anything else) then see the "Contributing" section.

Detailed Cast and Crew list
Scripts (transcriptions of broadcast episodes)
Timeline of series (this is a difficult one - but we shall try)
How old are they? (related to timeline)
Downloads - pictures/themes (windows)/sound bites/wallpapers etc.
The various versions of the theme
List of music/songs used in the show
List of incorrect things (things that are plainly wrong or just not possible)
Continuity errors/differences
How the characters grew during the series
List of location used in the show
Differences/missing bits from book to S1
Malcolm's mixed metaphors
List of the cars/bikes used in the show
List of birds mentioned in the show
Banal list of house numbers, car registrationís etc.
All those fancy earrings that Brenda wears
A Ranting section. Self explanatory, rants from you, the fans about whatever and various rants from the show
Press & newspaper/magazine articles etc.
A Search facility (we don't know how to do this yet - but then we are learning new skills all the time)

Items on this list may be removed even if they have not (as yet) been added to the site.

There is already a minor revamp of the site in mind (layout update etc. and the first one hasn't even been launched yet). Minor things to tart (err you mean improve, don't you? - ed.) the site. But why don't you tell us how you think the site could be improved.