Site Revision History

latest at top, publish points are shown in red and are the link points for "Announcing".

18th March 2007 Took the ability to sign the guestbook offline due to constant and ferocious spamming. Viewing is still available. Apologies for inconvenience. Work/plans underway to rectify this.
6th March 2007 UPDATE!! fix of guestbook code and inform of what's happened/happening etc
15th August 2006 UPDATE!! v06.001 Anniversary update version uploaded
14th August 2006


- Guestbook altered slightly. Altered layout of signing page and added some warnings/disclaimers.

I am aware of the connotations attached to the word "watching" these days, hence itís almost a magnet for operators of those types of sites and of course a way for them to surreptitiously advertise. I canít automatically stop them using the book as such, but will clear out entries as I see fit.

I can only apologise if anyone has been offended by some entries.

- Site given once over before publishing (bound to have missed something!)

7th August 2006 - Further amended/created a New horizontal background graphic rule line with built in "go back  previous and top arrows". 
- incorporated above new rule into various pages.
- due to left/right menu option, changed no frames text display method (technical change - no change to actual view)
- Navigation help/information split out into own section "Moving" and update re embedded links/hr rule etc.
- Helping section brought up to date re all the changes so far.
- Legal section altered to cover personal information
- embedded links created in various pages
22nd/23rd July 2006 - Re-familiarising myself with the amendments made earlier.
- Fixed some omissions relating to those amendments 
February - July 2006 Err - yes well this is a bit like that awkward pause moment.

What can I say? I became really busy in other aspects of my life and unfortunately there was just not enough time to do the necessary work on the site.
Annoying I know as it would have been nice to have an update at the time of the official DVD release (as was the plan) but it was not to be.

I did say in my very first meeting message on the 15th august 2005 (see the "Meeting (archive)" page) that this was a hobby.

So apologies, for the delay but I do intend to keep updating as and when.

17th January 2006 - Added left/right menu option (simple version - reloads website from beginning)
- Setup CSS rules for embedded internal links, email links and external links highlights
- Mailing page amended, embedded subscribe/unsubscribe email links added 
15th January 2006 - Episoding II season synopses added 
- embedded links added to "Announcing" section linking to "Revising" details
11th January 2006 The following sections have had some amendments :-
- Writing - spelling/corrections/addition regarding book
- Planning - deletion (direct episode details selection enabled)
- Requesting - some layout/text amendments and new "go back" rule line
- Meeting - new message/embedded links added plus a link to new meeting message archive
- Conceiving - embedded links added
- Describing - spelling corrections/slight alterations to narrative text
10th January 2006 - Episoding II file structure/logic changed to :-
  - alleviate potential loading speed problem (files split into smaller sections)
  - allow direct episode details selection (i.e) from "Episoding I"
  - remove javascript loading commands (for loading multiple pages)
- New/further season 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 details added (S5 still to come)
- Episoding I altered to include direct detailed (Episoding II) episode selection
- Embedded links added within both "Episoding" sections
20th December 2005 Domains names registration renewed for another year
9th December  2005 - New horizontal background graphic rule line with built in "go back to top arrow" on far right created 
8th December 2005

these amendments still to be confirmed


- Restructured files and code to remove further duplication of code (from a development/maintenance point of view) - code remains same for viewing
- frames layout altered slightly
- welcome message ("Meeting") archive created
- Archive section setup
- decided to implement embedded cross links (i.e. links within text/pages to other pertinent areas/information within the site
- Changed layout of menu footer and added more obvious email link icon and dynamic copyright year text
- Fixed Welcome status message error on loading
- Restructured status text code 
1st December 2005 UPDATE!! S1 official DVD release (27/2/2006) announcement uploaded
15th August 2005 LAUNCH!! v05.001  site uploaded (eventually)
14th August 2005 - final last check (still probably missed something)
- splash page merged with main site (it was a separate entity)
13th August 2005 - splash page updated announcing launch !!
- many hours checking overall site 
10th August 2005 - Guest book services added
- Tracking/Webstats services added
5th August 2005 PAD control finally installed and (apparently) working (whoohoo)
4th August 2005 Season 1 episode details added
3rd August 2005 Episode details information framework/control setup
1st August 2005 proposed launch date sails on past (apologies, but it's almost ready)  
July 2005 - Request section setup (and some request listed!!)
- List of Episodes added (simple info, further/more detailed info to come)
- About Jim Hitchmough added
- Show conception history added
- Setup CSS to reduce code and make maintenance easier
- Restructured files and code to remove duplication of code
- General series/show synopsis added
- A brief test upload existed for about an hour on the evening of the17th
- Site control/basic information (legal/copyright, welcome, announcements, history, help, contributing, planning) setup
- Basic Site layout (v.05.001) and navigation bar/style created
6th April 2005 - Splash page uploaded - announcing forthcoming website
March 2005 - Eventually got around to thinking about  the layout and theme of the site and produced a couple of splash pages.
February 2005 - Domain names acquired
November 2004 - The idea of creating a "Watching" tribute/fan site appeared from somewhere ( I think it originated from a thread in the old Granada Plus forum)